YouTuber ZaziNombies has built a rather impressive Lego brick creation: the Skyward Sword Hylian Shield! Using over 2,000 pieces from basic brick sets as well as claws and blades from the Bionicle sets, this 28″ x 20″ creation is sure to withstand multiple blows from Demise’s sword. The shield’s design is based on the most recent home console version, however in order to better match his older Minecraft creations, he simplified and pixelated it, while still using enough detail to make it obvious which design it was based on.

If you’d like to see more of ZaziNombies’ builds, you can visit his YouTube channel — he has a myriad of videos you can watch! Also, if you’d like to learn how to build your own Lego Tingle, you can find that here. Happy building!