Of all of the new features introduced in Brawl, the Smash Ball is easily one of the most drastic additions. There is an undeniable tension in the scramble to break the flying power-up, and pulling off a Final Smash successfully can be a game-changer.

It’s no surprise that the Smash Ball is returning in the upcoming instalments of Super Smash Bros., and today we get our first look in today’s “pic of the day” screenshot. The design is very similar to that of the previous iteration.

“The Smash Ball! Of course everyone wants it!”

Series director Masahiro Sakurai said on Miiverse of the new Smash Ball: “That item that brings victory one step closer…the Smash Ball! Of course everyone wants it! Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced any of the Final Smashes yet… Then again, if I introduced every single one, it’d take over a month’s worth of posts.”

While I’m eager to see some of those aforementioned Final Smashes, I am hoping that some are kept secret until the final release. So that’s cool with me, Sakurai!