We mentioned back in January that filmmaker Kennedy Baruch is hard at work on “Princess in Another Castle,” a full length adaptation of his 2012 award winning short film, “Escape.” Now that production has hit the halfway mark, with plans on touring various film festivals later this year, Baruch has released the film’s first trailer. “Princess in Another Castle” tells the story of a young girl who turns to gaming to cope with her struggles.

Producing a quality film isn’t cheap, so Baruch has set up an Indiegogo page to help with his fundraising efforts. The goal is to raise at least $10,000. Perks of backing the project include a copy of the film, a signed script, and an invitation to the wrap party.

“Stop playing games to escape from your life. Play, because you choose to have many.”

To stay up to date on the the film’s progress, be sure to follow @BaruchFilms on Twitter.

Source: Youtube, Indiegogo