The year of 2014 will always be the year of Majora’s Mask in my mind, and this nifty piece of graffiti is pretty cool to see. Reported as seen in a local park by a Reddit user, this image of Majora’s Mask seems quite ominous and friendly at the same time. Have you seen any Majora’s Mask or Zelda-themed street art in your home town? Hit the streets and let us know!

Source: Reddit
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  • Golden Monkey

    What does 2014 have to do with Majora’s Mask?

    • Alex

      Melena is simply a fan of Majora’s Mask, and it’s a reference to what was the “Year of the Luigi.” It’s simply just a small remark meant to be taken lightly, and also a possible reference to the demand for MM 3DS.

      • Golden Monkey


        • Melena

          Personally, I think if an MM remake happens at all, it needs to be announced this year or not at all. Otherwise I think people will lose interest. I’ll be waiting forever, though. 🙂 But yeah that was me attempting and failing at a “year of luigi” joke.

      • Mikey Forster

        I see, do you think Nintendo will get the message?

  • CEObrainz

    Imagine seeing that appear all around the world, conspirators would have a field day!