Now that televisions have gone high-definition, next-gen consoles use HDMI for connectivity, rather than the old A/V cables used by systems such as the Nintendo 64. If you want to play the classic consoles and don’t have an older model television, you’re out of luck since previous generation systems are no longer supported on these new-fangled TVs.

What’s great about the Virtual Console on the Wii U and 3DS is the ability to revisit classic games. However, it’s impossible to recreate that magic that comes from playing an old-school game on its original system.  Sometimes I miss the feeling of holding my watermelon-colored Nintendo 64 controller while saving Hyrule.

Marshall from Retroactive is working on a solution to this problem. He is currently developing an N64 HDMI converter, allowing you to play the old 64-bit games on your bright and shiny HDTV. Imagine Majora’s Mask in HD!

He hopes to begin selling the HDMI converters early this year. Be aware that the converter still requires installation. Marshall explains:

“This is not a plug and play board. Soldering is required. Since it attaches directly to the output of the RCP before any video processing is done, it requires fine pitch soldering skills to install.”

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Source: Retroactive
Via: Kotaku
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