In this latest screenshot of the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. 4, Masahiro Sakurai reveals that there are two different versions of the boxing ring stage in the game. One is the Smash Bros. version, as portrayed above, and the other is from the Punch-Out!! series.

“Pic of the day. There are actually two versions of the boxing ring stage! This ring is the Smash Bros. version…”

Sakurai then continued to post in the comment section of Miiverse and revealed a screenshot of the Punch-Out!! version of the boxing ring stage, featuring King Dedede and Kirby.


“…and this one is the Punch Out!! W.V.B.A. design. King Dedede really likes fighting in the ring, doesn’t he?”

What differences may these two stages have in store for Smash players, despite their similarities? We’ll have to wait until later in 2014 to find out!

Source: Miiverse
  • Jaidyn Reiman

    Why do people keep saying these are two different stages? Its one stage with a TINY aesthetic change. Several other stages have had far, far greater changes and they’re still considered the same stage. Its just that the boxing ring looked good enough that it could be used for both Punch Out and Smash Bros.

    Think of it like a sports field that always are identical in appearance but have the logo of the team in the center of the field. That’s all this is.

    • Morgan

      They are regarded as two stages because Sakurai basically said so. In Smash you’ll be able to choose the Smash boxing ring or the Punch-Out boxing ring…as two separate stages. Plus there may be other aspects we don’t know about it, like in-game stuff that goes on (think Palkia and Dialga in Brawl). Really it’s kind of semantics. They are two different stages even if it’s just aesthetic. You cite that “other stages have had far, far greater changes and they’re still considered the same stage”, but that wasn’t within the same game. That is the difference here Jaidyn.

      • Jaidyn Reiman

        That’s the whole problem though. Sakurai never said they were two separate stages. He said they were two versions of the stage. Two versions =/= two stages. He never even said we’d be able to switch versions manually or automatically (though I’d presume its through a toggle when choosing the stage; click the stage and it asks which version you want).

        As for other stages which have greater changes when playing them, Mushroomy Kingdom for one. It’s completely different but its still considered the same stage. It’d be nice if they have us a toggle to toggle the versions manually, but otherwise it’d probably work the same way as other stages and randomly choose the version (though in other modes it would use the version that fits better).

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