Have you ever wondered what Link would look like if he were a female? Have you ever fantasized about playing as a female Link? If you have, we may have a t-shirt for you! Unamee is selling a t-shirt called “What if Zelda was a Girl?”. This may seem like a confusing title for the t-shirt though, as it seems to portray a female Link rather than Zelda. The artist who created the shirt, NeleVdM, clarifies her intentions about the shirt in a short Q&A on the site:

“This “female Zelda” is probably my most controversial work. Wear at your own risk.”

“I had designed a shirt featuring Link from The Legend of Zelda. One of my friends commented “I like the way you drew Zelda” and that’s where the idea for this shirt originated. It represents one of the greatest nightmares of every Legend of Zelda fan.”

Another thing the creator states is that the shirt is a joke. It’s still an absolutely wonderful rendition of Link (or Zelda, however you choose to look at it) as a female. The shirt will only set you back $12, is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and comes in gray, light blue, and light green. This is a limited time offer and ends tonight at midnight Eastern Standard Time, so if you’re interested in purchasing this interesting t-shirt, act fast!

Source: Unamee
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