fairy In today’s daily screenshot for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, a brand new item was revealed: a fairy in a bottle! According to Masahiro Sakurai, the man at the helm of the Smash Bros. project, the bottle can heal those who have even accumulated over 100% damage. It is unclear if this heals fighters completely, but it is a great subtle tribute towards the Zelda series.

“Pic of the day. Hey look, a bottle!! This is a special item that can even heal fighters who have accumulated over 100% damage.”

Source: Miiverse
  • Zeller

    Love the reference to Mario 3D World

    • Anibal

      I think the thing at the upper-right corner is Mario Spaceship, so maybe it’s SMG and not SM3DW. Then again, you could be talking about something else, in which case, my bad.

      • Vonter

        Bowser also trapped fairies in a bottle, so the pic is fitting for him.

        • Anibal

          Huh. I guess that makes sense.

  • So basically they had to bring back an item that heals a player completely…. here’s hoping that isn’t the case though and at most it heals 150% of damage.

    Originally the Heart Container in the first SMB used to heal a player completely but since Melee they fixed that so both the Maxim Tomato and Heart Container were much more balanced (since having an item that completely heals a player is over the top).

    A cool reference, but then again it’s just going to be another item to turn off in game.

    • Anibal

      Oh, the old times when a computer grabbed a Full-Heal item. Almost every time that happened: ” ‘That’s it. I’m done.’ *shuts down N64* “

  • Justin Thompson

    If you don’t want to have an item that heals completely, then just turn it off or don’t use items at all.

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