Kezsonaj, a member of the Minecraft forums, has recreated the entire world of Ocarina of Time from scratch within Minecraft, from the landscapes to the interior locations. After roughly four-to-six months, the project is finally almost ready for release after a lot of time and effort on Kezsonaj’s part. While there are still a few things to iron out before the map’s release, the wait will surely be worth it and by all accounts it looks to be a fantastic tribute to Ocarina of Time that Zelda fans will truly appreciate. Hit the jump to view some of the beautiful renders from this stunning recreation of Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the map’s upcoming release!

Update: There has been some controversy on the ownership of this map and who is actually responsible for creating it. We are investigating into it diligently and will get to the bottom of this, giving proper credit where credit is due.

Update x2: After a thorough investigation, this Minecraft map does indeed belong to Kezsonaj and he retains sole ownership of this particular Ocarina of Time map. He did not steal the map from another project. Thank you to everyone who brought the questions of ownership to light so that we could get to the bottom of this, and look forward to the map’s release in the near future!

Update x3: You can now go and view our exclusive interview with Kezsonaj and see when and where his Ocarina of Time map will be available for download!

Temple of Time


Hyrule Castle Town


Kakariko Village


Inside Death Mountain


Kokiri Forest


Great Deku Tree


Entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow


Zora’s River



Lake Hylia



Lake Hylia – Drained


Gerudo Valley


Gerudo Desert


Hyrule Castle Town – Adult Timeline


Ganon’s Tower



Source: Minecraft Forums
Via: Reddit
  • Googs

    Did he do the temples too? I know ZU has it’s own recreation project going on & they were all doing the temples, nonetheless this is amazing either way!

    • Morgan

      I assume so. He said he did the interiors, so I assume that means temples as well. But honestly I’m pretty floored by this, just an amazing recreation to such a wonderful game world.

      • TimHax

        “Thanks man, I’ll tell you that it goes further than this. every building has it’s own interior, every groto you can explore. It’s pretty cool. the only thing missing is the adult dungeons.” – Kezsonaj

        Unfortunately it seems temples are not integrated or explorable, 1 of the two. nonetheless an amazing feat.

        • Kezsonaj

          Ill have the dungeons really soon in an update.

          • TheDudesons0402

            I think that the Map will be a success. I played through the WHOLE Game and you got it all!

  • Petter Falk

    How have they made both Hyrule Caste and Ganons Castle?

    • Jared Studelska

      I would imagine there’s a way to travel between the past or future by a portal in the temple of time. that’s how I’d do it.

    • Joan Marc Guillamón Sanz


      • Mjrnn

        sorry, it is not the nether….since there is an existence of “Water” in the drained lake…also he might’ve used a powertool command on the lake and the castle town and set it in a completely different part of the map on the server.

        • l q

          Or simply Mystcraft mod 😉

    • Zeller

      Using the nether perhaps?

    • Arthur Miracle

      … different areas of the map. You can use consol commands, you know.

    • Kezsonaj

      I made both castles, and you can travel in between them through the temple of time.

      • 彭士杰

        where is the download

  • Robin Playe

    No,no,no, freakin YES

  • Gangplank’s remove scurvy

    OMFG The guy who do that work is a genius

    • Mjrnn

      if you like that one…then you should try looking at the “Touhou” server stuff….would be nice to see them work together ^_^

  • Flovnat

    I’ve seen several Zelda recreations in Minecraft, but this is the best one yet!

  • Sanayul Sikder

    Is there a code we can insert in our minecraft accounts and have it in our account? ( * p * )

    • Diego Hernandez

      If you’re talking about getting the map, all you have to do is download the map file (if the creator decides to post it, most likely yes), open up your Minecraft folder and drop the map file into the maps folder. Then just open up your game and it’ll appear as a selectable world when you go into single-player mode.

  • The Doctor

    I see a picture of the Deku Tree here. If he even did the inside of it, then that would be truly amazing!

  • The Doctor

    If I was this guy, then I would have played this music when I finally finished this huge project:

  • Jack Nick Olsen

    Nice hyphen.

  • Diego Hernandez

    I’m hoping he also links the texture pack used in the images. I’d love to play through this map with that texture pack.

    • Kaz

      Looks like the HD texture pack to me. I could be wrong though.

  • Sdudyoy

    He also did Twilight princess, It’s been out for a while on His planet Minecraft account.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    this is awesome, nuff said XD

  • Smurfman256


    • spoki0

      It’s not a seed, someone made this all. Altough, in theory, it should be possible to feed a seed into the generator if it was 100% random generation, and get this map out.

  • shiggity

    Let me know when this is available fpr minecraft. 360 download

  • René Grundt

    Kezsonaj used to be a member of Project Hyrule, till he stole our map, and claimed it ours. This is basically ours, with the houses and builds resized. Read more here; http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/project-hyrule—an-ocarina-of-time-recreation/

    Check the reddit post for proof:


    Website for more proof: http://project-hyrule.net/archives/582

    All his old posts on reddit about this, was also deleted for the reason it was stolen.

    Kind regards, René – Owner of PH

    • Morgan

      From the looks of the reddit posts, he thinks you took his stuff, you guys think he stole your things — honestly though this isn’t the place to have this discussion. We merely report news, and this is news. If there is a problem, please take it up with Kezsonaj directly, as posting this here doesn’t really do much good, with all due respect.

      • Bartolomeo Vanzetti

        Part of the “news” you are reporting on is who created this awesome map. What kind of journalist are you? The facts are not the news?

        • Richard Quick

          Kezsonaj, a member of the Minecraft forums, has recreated the entire world of Ocarina of Time from scratch within Minecraft, from the landscapes to the interior locations. posted it again so u can read who helped do it Bartololmeo Vanzetti. It was in the first line , also the first word , just cause someone say they stole it doesnt mean anything.

        • Morgan

          We are looking into this, but we want to get it right. Just because someone claims it was stolen doesn’t mean it was. Trust me we will get this right.

          • Kezsonaj

            Ask the Mods from Planet Minecraft. I am the maker. They told me that I am rightfully the owner of the map. Also check my page for my series of work. I have been working on zelda recreations for a while now.

          • Morgan

            I’ve been looking, and I contacted Project Minecraft. I’m not doubting your claims but we have to investigate when such a serious claim is made.

        • JaiGuru

          Agreed.Journalistic integrity matters. Otherwise shove off.

          • Morgan

            Okay we had no idea about any of this until someone COMMENTED on our story. We have integrity, we’re investigating this very thoroughly to get to the bottom of it. What else can you ask of us, honestly?

          • Matt

            >Journalistic integrity
            >On a Zelda fan wiki

            Grow up, man. Christ.

          • JaiGuru

            Anything worth doing is worth doing right, especially when you’re plastering ads on your blog.

    • Melena

      We are looking into it, thank you!

    • Morgan

      Rene, with all due respect I looked over your “evidence” and it’s not evidence of any theft at all. Even chat logs aren’t necessarily proof. You need to give us something more definitive with such a serious claim. We want to get this right, and we updated saying that, but we are not going to make complete update until we are 100% sure that this was stolen work.

      Project-Hyrule.net and the planetminecraft.com links don’t prove theft. The reddit stuff is he said-she said. So please, if theft did take place, give us some definitive evidence instead such subjective conjecture, because it is a serious charge.

      • Kezsonaj

        I can send you a full Isometric Image of my map and show you that This is mine. He doesn’t have the same copy.

  • Somebody hire this kid. STAT.

  • Tasia Cahaya

    Mother of Minecraft

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Seen alot of people “Start” this same project, but most hardly ever get one zone done, CANNOT wait to be able to have this map 😛

    • Ryan Haney

      “Alot” is not a word. It is “a lot”. Spread the word.

      • Morgan

        no need to be rude.

        • Ryan Haney

          I wasn’t being rude, I was teaching.

          • Joey Andre Lepore

            knowledge is power.

      • graeme

        The English language is constantly evolving. What is a mistake to you is common parlance for another group. “on accident” isn’t how you say “by accident” but tell that to half of Americans who are under 25. Things change so you may be teaching… but bear in mind you may be teaching history

  • Ryan Haney

    I’ve never played Minecraft and don’t know what console it is on. What do you do when you get this map? Do you kill goblins or just walk around?

    • Flovnat

      It’s on PC. Since this is a map someone else made, it’s basically just for exploring the world, but you can kill monsters too.

      • Kaz

        it’s also available on Xbox but I don’t think you can connect to others servers on it.

        • Flovnat

          The Xbox and PS3 versions are so different from PC that they aren’t compatible in any way.

  • Kezsonaj

    I didnt steal any map. This map was made from scratch. Rene was a helper of mine, but I took out the stuff he built and rebuilt my own stuff so there shouldnt be a problem. we discussed this over with the admins down on Planet Minecraft. so if youd like to get in contact with them, they told me I have full rights to the map since I made it.

  • Anthony Moseley

    Very impressive!

  • Kittyleana

    Tell me I can download this some where, please?

    • Morgan

      as said in the thread, it’s not ready for download.

  • Batfreak

    I hate it when articles read “Hit the jump” because it just appears in the actual article page and looks yucky. If people don’t know that they should click an article link to read more about the topic based on the summary given on the home page, they shouldn’t be allowed to access the Internet.

  • Morgan

    Kezsonaj has given me a ton of legit evidence to the point where it seems as though he does indeed own this map. As long as he took out and rebuilt what Rene and co. worked on, it’s his work and he owns it. And this comes straight from Planet Minecraft admins/mods. So please if anyone else has any legit evidence, please bring it to us. Because at this point things seem pretty clear.

  • Alex

    I just wish people would shut up about who made this, if someone uploads something to the internet then they are a owner of the file just like anyone who downloads it. I would prefer it if i could just download it and enjoy but instead i have to wait longer because someone wants to make a fuss about who actually made it. I understand people may want recognition for their own work but really all they are doing is causing problems because they feel the need to argue over it.

    • Morgan

      It’s resolved. I have indisputable proof.

    • spoki0

      Yes, everything on the internet is legal! All the pictures, you’ve ever uploaded anywhere now belong fully to anyone who might’ve downloaded it. Same for software you got, movies, music and books, you can freely upload it everywhere because you own it and all rights to it, as do anyone who dowload it afterwards! . . .

  • Wow! Those are really amazing!

  • LoftwingQueen

    Wow! I am so impressed! If they make this a server, that would be completely awesome.

  • raichu-keaton1411

    AMAZFAIRIES! this is sooo cool, I love zelda and Minecraft, can’t wait to play on this map

  • Jack Nick Olsen

    He quite obviously did sreal the map. It’s from ‘Ocarina of Time’.

    • Morgan

      I had to laugh at this one.

  • Morgan

    Just to update everyone, I have even more evidence now to point to the fact that yes, Kezsonaj is the sole creator of this map and this is his project. There is no doubt in my mind. He has been super cooperative with me, while Rene` of Project Hyrule is giving me the runaround and not providing me with a shred of evidence of theft.

    • Chapmic

      Hey Morgan. Some updates here. I had a discussion with ProjectHyrule, and they’re not bad people at all. They’re not trying to take down Kezsonaj’s work. But after seeing that his Hyrule Market was very similar to their, the were a bit upset, because it reminded them of the time when Kezsonaj published the map without permission after he left the project. I remember this perfectly. But now, they decided to upgrade their project with better builds, so both projects can continue without problems. I posted this on Kezsonaj’s Planet Minecraft page to let everyone know, and he literally deleted my comment.

  • Graydon St John Ivan

    I absolutely LOVE these!!!!!!! <3 My only issue is that one of the pictures here is mislabeled as being Lake Hylia when it's a picture of Zora's Fountain with Lord Jabu-Jabu. The pictures themselves are absolutely GORGEOUS, though 😀 Props to the creator :3

    • Morgan

      Thank you! This was my mistake, and I will fix it. It was really hard to tell, considering it’s built from lego blocks. 😛 Stay tuned to ZU for more news about the upcoming release!

  • 彭士杰

    where is the download?

    • Morgan

      If you want to know, stick around ZU to find out!

  • MasterSwordGamer

    how I can download it?

    • Morgan

      It will be announced soon!

  • Bob McFurguson

    What’s the resource pack?

    • Morgan

      I do know, but I don’t know if the creator wants me to reveal anything. All will be revealed in due time though. 😉

      • As long as you link them to my PlanetMinecraft account, we’re golden. 🙂

  • eje2003

    when will this be out

    • Morgan

      stay tuned to Zelda Universe to find this out!

  • Jacob Christiansen

    I actually have been in contact with Kezsonaj for a while, and he has indeed built it himself. To prove it, go and look through the Project Hyrule’s map that was recently released and when Kezsonaj’s comes out for download take a look. Obviously you’ll figure out the differences, and the better quality on Kezsonaj’s side.

  • Morgan

    Topic updated to link to latest story where we announce release date and speak to Kezsonaj about his project.

  • Gamzee Makara

    If you don’t mind me asking, What are the Coords for the places? i cannot seem to find some of them

  • Glad I could contribute my resource pack to such a noble cause. 🙂

    • TheDudesons0402

      I have to say, Koa Neuva’s Resource pack did help out alot on the map… I really admire the minor details.

  • Nicholas Stothard

    I got this map, and for some reason, to the west of Hyrule Castle, I found Snowhead! Anybody know why?

    • Morgan

      it’s probably because he is/was planning to do a total MMO of the Zelda Universe. see our interview with the creator linked above.

  • GamingSpyder15

    is this out yet?

  • Brandon

    I want to play on this map. is there a download?is there an adventure going with the map, Or its just like beauty and remake simple? I love zelda games and this.. ive been looking for, OR does anybody know where i can get a GOOD zelda adventure map, or something like this! PLZ :p

    • TheDudesons0402

      Dude, the map isn’t up for grabs yet. if you want anything else like the map, play: The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, on the Nintendo64, Nitntendo Gamecube, and Nintendo 3DS

  • superakito

    this is awesome man!!

  • a_mal

    can anyone help me what update this is? thanks

  • NoahConstrictor9

    Umm… I know this is kind of a stupid question, but where exactly do you download this map?

    • NoahConstrictor9

      You don’t have to point out that it’s stupid or that I’m stupid or something rude like that because i already said that this was an absolutely stupid question. -_-

      • NoahConstrictor9

        No wait never mind. =:l

  • Tiffany C. Akatsuki

    is there a way to get zelda world seed?

    • GreenLinkMaster

      I’m afraid the world seed for the map wouldn’t help you. that would only give you the naturally generated Minecraft world that the map maker used to built Hyrule in. it wouldn’t actually include everything this map maker built. you’d need to download their copy of that world so that you would have both the world and everything this map maker built in it.
      the blue text link in the article above, right before all the pictures will take you to their interview with the map maker. which should tell you when and where the map download has been released. hope you find it!

    • GreenLinkMaster
      • Tiffany C. Akatsuki

        oh it only for pc?

        • GreenLinkMaster

          yah looks like it. unfotunatly the other systems minecrafts haven’t caught up to the PC version yet. so even if you had a way to put the world on what you play Minecraft on, some things mine not be there.

  • LittleGreen

    Wasn’t this canceled? I know this was posted a year ago, but sadly I’m pretty sure it is now. xEyelessx used Kezsonaj’s for a base (and credited him) and turned it into an adventure map.

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  • ShamanGeek086

    idgaf who made it I just want the seed info so I can explore it…