zelink felt art

Part of what makes Zelda so superb is that the art can be enjoyed and appreciated by those outside of the fandom. This piece of artwork was created by Craftster user P_E_S_T, a talented artist who was unfamiliar with Zelda at the start of the project. After partnering up with a Zelda fan, she researched artwork that encompassed both love and Zelda. Upon finding a romantic reference image, she got to work. Using some scrap fabric from an old blanket as the base, she needle felted the artwork with merino wool and carded fleece.


This is the reference image she used for the felt art. Link and Zelda share a moment beneath the cherry blossom trees on a lovely spring day.

felt art zelink

An up-close view of the Zelink felt art. You can see the intricate design that gives the artwork depth.

Source: Craftster
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