Valentine’s Day is a day we typically spend with our loved ones. However, a group of gamers in Ottawa, Ontario will be spending February 14th playing Zelda games for an awesome cause. The Hyrule Hustlers will be running a multi-day live charity event, where they aim to complete various Zelda games in exchange for donations to Child’s Play, a charity that delivers video games, books, and toys to children in hospitals. As donations increase, so will the length of the marathon. Viewers will also be able to interact with the gamers through social media and through a direct live chat room. All donations go directly to Child’s Play.

Event coordinator Chris Sardinha had the following to say in a press release:

“The pleasant escape that a video game provides when a child is sick is one that event coordinator Chris Sardinha and his friends know quite well. Whether recovering from illness or injury, mild or severe, they have always enjoyed playing video games. Video games, in effect, offer a respite from the pain and boredom of anything from bed rest to hospitalization.

“Spending time in the hospital can be a frightening for kids,” says Chris. “Knowing that there are toys and video games can help.” That’s why the Hyrule Hustlers volunteers are committed to making a child’s hospital stay a little brighter. Child’s Play provides an important service that is often overlooked, one that can change a child’s hospital stay for the better.”

This is such a great cause, as children spending any length of time in a hospital deserve a smile on their face. Be sure to tune into the event here on February 14th.

Source: Nintendo Life