Found at local bar, RoboLinkCop. Couldn't make out the artist - Imgur

Combining Robocop’s armour and firearms with Link’s tools and sword would surely make for one unstoppable force. Ryan C. DuBois certainly thought so, as he ingeniously decided to merge the two heroes together in the image above. Reddit user RaiynMann found this picture at a local bar; and what great timing too, with the new remake hitting US cinemas in a couple of weeks. I imagine the bar owner placed this piece with the purpose of reminding kids to “stay out of trouble”.

Another Reddit user by the name of Stack_tracked down the artist’s website, where he showcases his “Roboswap” series. There you’ll see that he has also given the Murphy treatment to other pop culture icons, such as Darth Vader, Skeletor and Gizmo. To quote the original Robocop (in a censored fashion): I freakin’ love this guy.

Source: Imgur
Via: Reddit
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