Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Zelda, Rosalina and Viridi

The wonderful Princess of Wisdom is seen once again gracing today’s Super Smash Bros. “pic of the day”, this time preparing a battle stance in front of the princess of the galaxy, Rosalina. The duo are seen in the 3DS version of the upcoming brawler in the Kid Icarus: Uprising stage. As series director Masahiro Sakurai rightly states on Miiverse: “This is definitely not a friendly girls night out…”

Interestingly, there aren’t just princesses appearing in this latest screenshot, but a goddess too. The image also reveals that Viridi, the the Goddess of Nature, will appear in the background of the stage. We have previously seen a screenshot of a Reset Bomb exploding, which as players of the Uprising will remember, is a weapon created by Viridi that obliterates everything in its blast radius and transforms the surroundings into a natural forest. It’ll interesting to see how the fighters will fare in a stage with the feisty goddess causing havoc and changing the battleground!

Source: Miiverse