How would you like to win a prize pack loaded with Zelda goodies? To show appreciation for their fans, Nerd Block has launched a Zelda giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a beautiful Master Sword and Hylian Shield replica, Link Figma figure, Nintendo 3DS XL/A Link Between Worlds bundle, and the Prima box set.

Entering to win is simple. Just head on over to their Facebook page, find the contest post, then like, share, and comment! The winner will be announced January 31st at 8 a.m. EST.

If you’re not familiar with Nerd Block, it’s a pretty cool program. Nerd Blocks are mystery packages delivered to your door each month. Each package is guaranteed to contain a t-shirt, plus you’ll get some nerdy toys and collectibles.

Source: Facebook
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  • Kipp


  • Golden Monkey

    Done, done, and done

  • Jordan Ivor Madick


  • Holly Grider

    This wouldbe awsome. I havn’t played a zelda game in a long time.

  • Stacy Nicole Sammons

    Done, done, and Ganondorf!! May the Triforce be with you! <3

  • Samantha Sayavong


  • Kaitlyn Jonielle Bartlett

    Done, done, and done again. I want this so bad I am literally tearing up.

  • Hannah Price

    Done, it would be so great to win this amazing prize.

  • L’angelo Della Morte

    Amazing treasure!

  • Zack Stout

    Oh geez i hope I win!! lol Zeldar!!

  • Yuki Aya Masahiko

    oh my god it would be awsome to win this ^^

  • X-factor


  • Chris

    Amazing hope I win

  • Randall House

    Oh dear, my Fiancé would go absolutely bonkers for this. *crosses fingers*

  • Hugosaki Martinez

    I want to win, so give it to someone special 😀 pleaseeee

  • AnnaGunn

    Oh gosh! X3

  • Dominic Alexander Patton

    holy crap this would be the best birthday present ever, holy moly I want this so bad!!!

  • Eryk Kokoski

    i hope i win its my birth day that day plz let me win plz im turning 12 and i want to remember my childhood with some of my favourite game figures and well the game plz

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Great. I love Facebook based contests that I can’t enter.

  • Sarah Wilson Harris

    Awesome contest.

  • Jenwynrose

    I want to win this so cool