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Have a few moments to spare? ZU user Max Nichols has created a Zelda fan survey which you can take here. The survey will help fuel articles for the front page of Zelda Universe, as well as assist Max in some in-depth armchair analysis of what makes Zelda fans tick.

Heres what he had to say about the survey:

““Why do people love the Zelda series?”

“That question has fascinated me for fifteen years. That desire to understand has driven me to post thousands of times in Zelda forums, become the webmaster of what was once the largest Zelda fan site on the internet, and write numerous articles on the series. It even played a vital role in inspiring my career as a game designer.”

“One fact seems clear: the Zelda series has been played and loved by millions, and every single one of them loved it for different reasons. Or so I think. But I’ve only ever had anecdotal evidence for this. Thus, this survey. Its purpose: give me a large-scale window into the opinions that people have on the series, and why, in a format that I can digest and analyze and pontificate about.”

“The survey should take 5-15 minutes to complete, and the more people who take it, the closer we get to the pipedream of a statistically significant sample size. Go forth, my friends and fellow fans! Generate data!”

– Max Nichols”

Thanks for participating, and be sure to head over to the forums to discuss your answers!

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  • MDH

    Just took the survey. It seems well-structured to me and the questions are interesting, so nice job! If enough people take the survey, are you going to consider giving the results to Nintendo?

  • Erica Hasselbach

    I just finished taking the survey 🙂 I thought the questions were great and made me think.

  • TheWindWaker333

    Good survey. One of the choices to one of the questions was “I have not played the Wii version of Skyward Sword” which is confusing as there is no other version. I’m assuming that question was originally about Twilight Princess but I hope he changed it to be about Skyward Sword. I hope there is an article later showing the results.

    • Max Nichols

      Yeah, when I originally wrote that question, I had accidentally crossed the mental streams and confused aspects of Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword in my mind. I caught the problem and fixed the question’s wording, but forgot to fix that answer. It still works, more or less, it just makes some people do a double-take for a moment.It means that I’ll have to be slightly less trusting of that particular question’s results.

  • Rorry

    I loved the survey. Very interested in the results especially how many games people have actually played. Should have thrown in a question on games completed as well.

  • Ryan Haney

    It took me 25 minutes, but I was watching Anna Ivanovic and Serena Williams playing tennis, so I was distracted. It was a quality survey.

  • Nick

    I like surveys like that it was very fun!

  • Shawn Taylor

    One concern: there were two columns of games in the “which games have you played” question and I almost missed the second column. I was just looking down the let side and I feel like a lot of people would probably not select some of the handheld games just because they didn’t know it was on the survey.