I’m often amazed at the craftiness of the Zelda fanbase. Reddit user RyTheGuy32 built his very own Ocarina of Time-designed Mirror Shield made mostly out of supplies he had at home, proving it doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to make quality props.

The embellishments were cut out of left over linoleum tiles and affixed to a plywood base, which he then spray-painted. For the arm strap he took an old leather belt and the handle of a busted guitar amp, attaching them to the back. Talk about ingenuity! 

He photographed the creative process, starting with the scrap linoleum all the way to the finished product. Check it out!






Source: Reddit
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  • Eric Slattery

    Nice! Needs some polish to give it the mirror effect. 🙂

    • Mike Brandon Miranda

      yeah, that and the arm handle needs to be switched, the mirror shield is for a lefty (sword hand left, shield hand right.) but that is just nitpicking. All in all a nice job though.