Recently an anonymous game developer spoke to Eurogamer about the woes of developing for Nintendo’s Wii U, giving a clear explanation as to why third-party developers would choose to stay away from the console. Now, a couple of third-party developers, including Hideki Kamiya, the director of (among others) The Wonderful 101 and Okami, are speaking up. They say that the Eurogamer article is flawed in that it mostly lists pre-launch issues that have since been fixed and that developing games for the Wii U is not much different from developing on other platforms. 

Chris Arnold, an indie studio president, took to Twitter to refer to the article as “clickbait”. He said:

“They titled it to stir up the Nintendoom wheel again.”

Helping third-party developers has become a hot topic as of late. It was even one of the selling points for Sony’s Playstation 4, as Sony hopes to gain the support of indie developers as a means to get ahead of the competition. The Eurogamer article probably isn’t going to make anybody view Nintendo in a favorable light. Whether the third-parties continue to neglect the Wii U or not remains to be seen, though it should be noted that, as Destructoid puts it:

“When you’ve got reports from an anonymous source versus the word from developers who are willing to go on record with their names and track history, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who to believe.”

Source: Destructoid
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  • Corey Bloxham

    stay strong nintendo

  • Guest

    On the other hand if he had given out his name, people would just use that to say “Look at this tiny guy. What does his word mean, he has no credentials.” Being anonymous stirs up some controversy over being anonymous as well, generating more.

    Also can you seriously take off this awful “Sign in to Post” it wasn’t there before and I miss reading and seeing loads of comments on this website.

    • 1) I think that the idea of letting developers speak anonymously is a good one because it lets them speak freely without fear of any kind of career endangerment. I’d love to see more EA employees speak, for instance. However, it also makes it easy to exaggerate or make things up, which is why you should approach anonymous accounts with two grains of salt, especially when other reputable sources claim otherwise.

      2) The previous comment system had some serious security issues which is why we shut them down late last year and eventually replaced them with Disqus. If you want to know how bad it got, adbots flooded the site with about 5k comments in just a few days, slipping through all filters.

      Signing up for Disqus or logging in with google or facebook isn’t ideal because we realise the value of guest posts, but for now it’s our best option and it is also a superior comment system compared to intensedebate. We hope you understand and don’t consider it too big a deal.

  • Sanguiluna

    I’m thinking the Wii U might be this gen’s PS3. The PS3 had a really rough start, but two or three years into it, once Sony found their groove, it started picking up steam.

    One thing that seems to be overlooked is that for that one year that the Wii U was the sole next-gen console, virtually ALL developers were still focusing on the previous gen consoles, and why buy a new system to play games you can get for your current console? Time will tell if Nintendo’s third-party support will pick up now that they’re all in full-on “next-gen mode”.