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Japanese gamer Wakou has managed to beat Ocarina of Time using nothing but his agile toes. In a series of twenty videos on Japanese video site NicoNico, Wakou jumps, rolls and slices his way to victory using his feet and a Wii Classic Controller squished between them. In this first video, Wakou loads up the game and goes on a mission to find his sword and head into the Deku Tree. I especially enjoyed watching the moments where Wakou wasn’t exactly successful on his first try when opening chests or clearing jumps. To watch, head over to Nintendo Everything, or watch it right here after the jump.

If you have Facebook, you can log into NicoNico using your account to watch Wakou’s series of videos. You can also see him play Mario Kart Wii with his feet in the second video below. Watching these has given me inspiration to try playing games with various body parts, and has also given me a deep appreciation for gamers who have no choice but to enjoy games with their feet due to medical reasons.

Have you ever cleared a game with your feet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kotaku, NicoNico, YouTube
Via: Nintendo Everything
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