With the promise of the new Super Smash Bros. title for the Wii U, we have been seeing an incredible amount of art from the game. Zelda, among other favorites, have already been confirmed as playable characters in the game, but I know you all have been itching to see just what Hyrule’s princess has in store for her competitors. After reviewing a recently released art gallery from Nintendo Everything featuring twenty-two shots of Zelda, I can confidently conclude that she is going to give other big name characters a run for their money. Hit the jump to see just how intense she can be!

You got your teaser picture above, now prepare yourselves for some fabulous and personality-filled shots of Princess Zelda beating up, ambushing, blocking and otherwise owning other characters. If that is not enough to satisfy you, I have included some particularly entertaining shots of Zelda revenging herself on Link after he cuddles up to another royal cutie pie, Princess Peach.

Zelda passing by Toon Link on a Skyloft world scene.

The classic duo team! Perhaps Navi is a projectile weapon? That could be fun.

Princesses backhand assassins with swords. It’s actually a skill they learn when quite young.

Is this the Smash Bros. equivalent of walking away from an explosion? Or maybe she’s like, “Skyloft? Screw this place. I’m going home.”

Standard pre-fight chit chat with Olimar and his loyal pikmin.

Mega Man doesn’t have enough badges to train me! (Yes, that is a triple Nintendo reference. You’re welcome.)

Our favorite royal ladies… being frenemies.

Clearly Zelda is not at all interested in older or shorter men, and Mario is very upset about the rejection.

Behold the terrible power of Zelda, as she uses her magic of the light to manipulate the air and hurl objects at unsuspecting victims!

This is Zelda’s Facebook profile picture. Naturally.

Alas, Zelda’s weakness is fat pikmin. Curse you Olimar!

Princess Zelda has been tagged in a photo! If only all of the pictures taken of us while we are unaware could turn out so nicely.

This looks like a power move in context, but out of context it kind of looks like she’s going to transform into an anime superhero.

Your fire power means nothing! Don’t you know I learned to backhand at a young age?!

It is not okay for Toon Link to make jokes about Zelda’s wardrobe, appearance, age or usefulness.

You thought I was joking about Zelda being trained to backhand, didn’t you? Starting to seem like a legitimate battle strategy, isn’t it?

This move is for when the offender has moved out of standard backhand range and Zelda doesn’t feel like chasing them.

It’s like they are all about to ballroom dance right into each other… or maybe Zelda will ballroom dance them to death!

Zelda, spying on her would-be lover, discovers Link has arranged what appears to be some sort of secret, romantic meeting. This will not stand!

Zelda about to punish Link for flirting with Peach. Grab the popcorn, because this is a show worth watching!

Maybe Zelda came in a bit too hard? Poor Link is dead! On the upside, there’s no chance of Peach stealing him now…

If this collection doesn’t make you want to take on the role of Princess Zelda in the new Smash Bros. installment, I don’t know what will. Let the drastic increase of anticipation begin!

Source: Nintendo Everything