Welcome to the first Music Monday of 2014. Hopefully the holidays were good to all of you and filled with friends, family and Zelda. This week, we’re traveling back to the early days of video games with a chiptunes edition of Music Monday, so dust off the old 8-bit and reminisce on the classics.

Amanda’s pick:

When I listen to chiptunes, I’m immediately transported back to the days of sitting around the T.V. playing the NES with my mom and big sisters. Those were some great memories!  We’ve been privileged to hear the original Zelda theme in its 8-bit form evolve into a great orchestration, but have you ever wondered how the later installments would sound sound as chiptunes? Nick VanderKooi made a version of Skyloft from Skyward Sword, giving us an idea of what it would sound like if released 25 years ago.

Mark’s pick: 

What I immediately loved about TheSteel107‘s chiptune version of Gerudo Valley was the fact that it isn’t just a carbon copy of the MIDI file. Rather, there is a uniqueness to this track that makes it well worth listening to! I guess it also doesn’t hurt that the Gerudo Valley theme is incredible by default. Enjoy!