IGN has completed all of the StreetPass challenges in A Link Between Worlds and has unveiled the ultimate reward given for finishing all of the challenges, as well the identity of who the ultimate Shadow Link is that you have yet to face off against once you complete all 50 challenges. Hit after the jump to view their video to discover what your reward is, as well as who this ultimate Shadow Link is! There are possible spoilers in this post so read at your own risk.

IGN has revealed that after you have completed all 50 StreetPass challenges by battling various Shadow Links, Gramps summons you for a reward. While the reward is a meager five Rupees, Gramps is the final Shadow Link you must face off against. His equipment varies by the environment you fight in and he is equipped with both the Master Sword Lv3 and the Hylian Shield. Could Gramps in fact be the original Link from A Link to the Past? He does speak about searching for a hero who is worthy and he has access to all of the same equipment as Link does. What do you think? Could Gramps be Link from A Link to the Past, or perhaps a descendent of the great hero?

Theorize away!

Source: IGN