IGN has completed all of the StreetPass challenges in A Link Between Worlds and has unveiled the ultimate reward given for finishing all of the challenges, as well the identity of who the ultimate Shadow Link is that you have yet to face off against once you complete all 50 challenges. Hit after the jump to view their video to discover what your reward is, as well as who this ultimate Shadow Link is! There are possible spoilers in this post so read at your own risk.

IGN has revealed that after you have completed all 50 StreetPass challenges by battling various Shadow Links, Gramps summons you for a reward. While the reward is a meager five Rupees, Gramps is the final Shadow Link you must face off against. His equipment varies by the environment you fight in and he is equipped with both the Master Sword Lv3 and the Hylian Shield. Could Gramps in fact be the original Link from A Link to the Past? He does speak about searching for a hero who is worthy and he has access to all of the same equipment as Link does. What do you think? Could Gramps be Link from A Link to the Past, or perhaps a descendent of the great hero?

Theorize away!

Source: IGN
  • Nick

    the whole reincarnation thing means that gramps cant be link…

    • Robert Goode

      Not so, actually. The Historia confirms that the Link from OoT and Majora’s Mask is the “Hero’s Shade” in Twilight Princess. He is long dead, and yet is able to communicate with the current Link.

      • Nick

        its always been my understanding that that was an impression of link, not actually him. if im not mistaken, those are his regrets in a stalfos form. if i am, sorry, and good counter!

        • Robert Goode

          No, The Historia explicitly states The Hero’s Shade is “The spirit of Link’s Ancestor, the Hero of Time” on page 118. It’s an actual ghost, not the personification of his regrets. This establishes the Chosen Hero is *not* a direct reincarnation of the Hero of Skyward Sword. And I am well aware that I am talking about a second timeline, but we should not assume that the logistics of the series changes across the three storylines.

          • Nick

            oh, i agree that its not necessarily different across timelines. but i would say that that could be a translation issue? if not, still a spirit is still like someone died? you cant really reincarnate unless youre dead, so…

          • darklink28

            Reincarnation is very complicated in Japanese culture. The Chosen Hero could still be a reincarnation of SS Link.

            And maybe Gramps just happened to live for 200 hundred more years because of the power of the Triforce he wished upon. You never know… (I wrote this article 🙂 )

      • 8bitmasochism

        Twilight Princess exists in a completely different timeline than A Link Between Worlds. Everything you said about Child Link (OoT and MM) is correct though.

        A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons and Link’s Awakening all feature the same Link though. Gramps would have to be several centuries old to have lived in both game A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. Unfortunately Link has never been shown to have the power of eternal life.

  • Robert Goode

    …Wait, isn’t ALBW set *hundreds of years* after ALTTP, the Oracle series, and Link’s Awakening? Gramps couldn’t possibly be the Link from the first game in this timeline.

  • The Last Wickan .

    As if I’ll ever find anyone in y town to actually streetpass with

  • whitepet

    stop. nintendo obviously doesn’t think deeply about what they’re implying with these silly things — otherwise the series wouldn’t already be riddled with internal contradictions. they’re just making it up as they go along, and it’s useless to keep trying to make sense of it. it’s ALREADY logically inconsistent, so let it go.