Christmas Music Monday

Christmas is less than ten days away! To get us in the Christmas spirit, we picked a couple of holiday-inspired Zelda mixes. So take a moment from shopping to relax and enjoy this week’s music, and have yourself a merry Zelda Christmas!

Amanda’s Pick:

I never thought of Song of Storms as a Christmas song until I heard Shariq Ansari’s O Stormy Night remix. It’s a mashup of Song of Storms, Carol of the Bells and What Child is This. The three songs blend beautifully together. Check it out!

Mark’s Pick:

Sporting a title that seems to be a bit contradictive, this Dark World Christmas remix is now catchier than ever! Primeevi did a great job with this, adding a Christmas jingle to this famous tune from A Link to the Past. The best part about this track though, is that the first half is 24-bit sound, while the second half is 8-bit. Enjoy!