Imagine if there was no Hyrule, no Triforce, no Zelda. For the past twenty-seven years, The Legend of Zelda series has brought on a beautiful soundtrack, unforgettable characters and a passionate fan-base.  For some, the series was their first foray into gaming. Others are introducing their old friends Link & Zelda to their children.

A budding filmmaker and Zelda enthusiast, Joe Granato had the idea to create a documentary about the impact the Zelda series has had on our lives. About a year ago, he started filming, knowing he was faced with a long and difficult journey. With a budget of $0 and a failed Kickstarter, it seemed his documentary would never happen. This story is about the trials faced by filmmaker Joe Granato, and his tenacity to overcome them. More after the jump.

Just as Link fought off monsters, collected Rupees and traveled across worlds to save Princess Zelda, Joe Granato faced unpredictable travels and financial hardships in hopes of achieving his goal. Only in the real world, you can’t just smash a few pots for some quick cash, and there’s no magical ocarina warping you from city to city.

The making of It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…The Movie, gives you a little insight into Granato’s creative process, struggles and triumphs. Check it out!  Forewarning for the kiddos, this video does contain some foul language, so parents please be sure to watch it first!

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