Caine Stands Up

Bullying is one of the worst struggles that young people can go through. Thankfully, many people have a favourite hobby to help them cope in the face of hard times–as for myself and I’m sure some people reading, that hobby was/is gaming. 11 year-old Caine has unfortunately been through harsh verbal and physical abuse–but today, he makes a stand.

“Caine Stands Up” is a brief video which is part of “The BULLY Project,  the social action campaign inspired by the documentary film BULLY”. Within the first minute, the video seems set to be tearjerker already–but it’s not long before Caine is seen grinning, Wii Remote and Nunchuk in hand. A familiar “YAAAH!” from a certain Hylian hero can be heard from his TV, as Caine escapes the hardships of reality and into the more exciting world of Nintendo.

He says:

“Gaming actually really helps me a lot, to calm down and get out of the troubling parts of my life. And to clear my mind of things that happened.”

I love this video for multiple reasons. First and most obviously, Caine had a happy ending and this whole movement will hopefully inspire courage in the hearts of many more tormented young people. It also shows just how Nintendo games can alleviate stress and bring joy to those of any age. And as for the clueless tabloids that constantly blame video games for violence based on nothing but falsified claims and their own personal distaste for the medium, well, I’d love for them all to see this.

You can learn more about The BULLY Project and even donate here, helping kids like Caine raise the smile that they all deserve.

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Source: Vimeo
Via: GoNintendo