Custom Zelda-themed consoles and controllers can be pretty stunning and gorgeous. The amount of detail that goes into painting  and crafting the designs is absolutely phenomenal, and the quality of the final product really illustrates this. Today I’d like to share two beautifully crafted custom Xbox 360 controllers from DeviantArt user JinxCustomController, whose designs are inspired by Zelda! Hit the jump to view some more photos of these spectacular controllers.




The controllers are absolutely gorgeous. The buttons and analogue sticks are dull grey and white respectively, which helps in making the controller’s artwork stand out. The gold perfectly contrasts to the black background, and the silhouette design of Link is a fitting touch to the Hylian Crest that is presented dead center. The guide button has also been modified to be the Triforce, and it seems that the rings around the guide button have even been modified to emit a yellow glow! JinxCustomController has other controller designs based on different games on his DeviantArt page, so I’d definitely suggest checking them out, as they are absolutely gorgeous and very well designed. Hope to see more Zelda-themed controllers from him soon!

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Source: DeviantArt
Via: Pxlbyte