The composer for A Link Between Worlds has been revealed, and it is none other than Ryo Nagamatsu. Nagamatsu is best known for his work in the Mario series, composing pieces for Super Mario Galaxy 2New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart Wii. He has also done work on Nintendo Land and Wii Sports Resort. As far as we know, Koji Kondo did not contribute any music at all and Nagamatsu is solely listed in the end credits as the composer. Many reviews have praised the music in A Link Between Worlds as being some of the best in the series. This is surprising though, as many of the pieces in A Link Between Worlds are re-arrangements of pieces from A Link to the Past and one would have expected for Kondo to at least be involved in the process. Is it possible he was but just isn’t credited? What do you think of Kondo’s absence in the series as of late?

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