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Those of you who own both a Wii U and 3DS have probably experienced this: if you want to purchase an item from the Wii U shop, you can’t use your 3DS credit and vice-versa. The balance of each console is treated separately, but Nintendo confirmed that they have heard the complaints and want to change it. They’ve been working for some time in order to be able to combine the balance of both eShop accounts, and they have finally been successful.

The upcoming month will bring a new 3DS system update which enables you to register your Nintendo Network ID with your 3DS system. Registering the same Nintendo Network ID for a 3DS and Wii U causes the balance of both systems to be synchronized. If you mistype your ID, you won’t have shared balances. Creating a new ID will lead to the same result as mistyping it: your balance will be managed separately. In order to profit from the new balance system, make sure to use the same Nintendo Network ID for both systems.

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For all those 3DS owners who don’t have a Nintendo Network ID yet, the new update will automatically ask you to create one. The Nintendo Network ID will be required in order to obtain any future game demos and other free software. Nintendo also plans to improve its offerings regarding the Nintendo Network ID by increasing the amount of services that make use of it.

For those of you who are afraid that the new system forces you to use a Nintendo Network ID: you don’t need to! Any paid content can be downloaded without it, but that’s not all. The credit that is registered with your 3DS system (your current eShop balance) can be used without a Nintendo Network ID too. What you should keep in mind is that Nintendo clearly has plans to make the new feature as attractive as possible. Even if they don’t want to force it upon us, their goal is to encourage as many users as possible to create a Nintendo Network ID.

Source: Nintendo Direct