A Link Between Worlds

The wait is almost over. A Link Between Worlds will be here in less than two weeks. To prepare us for the launch, GameXplain created a video answering fans’ questions on the upcoming game’s dungeons, controls, gameplay, items and similarities to its predecessor, A Link to the Past. To find out what they had to say, hit the jump. Be warned, there are spoilers aplenty!


  • Controls are very similar to ALttP
  • Press B to swing the sword, press and hold B for spin attack
  • Use the A button for talking to people, picking up items and opening chests
  • X and Y buttons are for items such as Bombs and the Bow
  • The right trigger raises the shield while the left trigger activates the Pegasus Boots
  • D-pad controls the camera
  • There are no gyro controls


  • Ravio is introduced within the first 30 minutes
  • Items for rent/sale in Ravio’s shop are a requirement for completing the game
  • Everything you need to beat the game can be found early on
  • Purchasing is optional but beneficial, allowing for item upgrades plus you get to keep everything if you die
  • Equipment from Ravio’s shop utilizes the stamina meter, with each item requiring a different amount of stamina
  • Rupees are easy to come by. You can earn them by cutting grass, opening chests and destroying enemies–the usual methods.
  • Additional items can be found outside of Ravio’s shop that are not necessary for beating the game


  • Everyone does the same initial dungeon, after that you’re free to explore as you choose
  • Each dungeon has its own musical theme
  • About the same number of dungeons as ALttP
  • Optional mini-dungeons


  • Classic Zelda experience
  • Maintains a consistent frame rate that’s “smooth as butter”
  • Becoming a painting is a major part to the game
  • Variety of sidequests
  • Majora’s Mask makes a cameo appearance in Link’s house
  • Typical replay value with Hero Mode unlocking after completion of the first quest
  • Quick travel is possible
  • Completing the game at 100% takes approximately 18 hours

Comparison to ALttP

  • It’s not necessary to play ALttP before playing ALBW, although it’s more rewarding for those who have
  • More freedom than ALttP
  • Familiar elements to ALttP in the way of locations, puzzles and monsters, but it’s very much its own game
  • The game is about 50% references to ALttP and 50% original content
  • Doesn’t tell the story of what happened to Link and Zelda after ALttP


  • The challenge can vary from person to person
  • Strictly renting items as opposed to purchasing presents more of a challenge since there are no upgrades to rentals and you lose them if you die
  • Not much hand-holding. After the first dungeon you’re pretty much on your own with the exception of the occasional sign or statue

A Link Between Worlds comes out November 22nd. We hope you’re as excited as we are! You can watch the full Q&A video below.

Source: GameXplain