The Bit Block has posted an early cutscene from A Link Between Worlds in which Yuga makes his grand appearance! Hit after the jump to view the video. This contains major spoilers.

It’s interesting that Yuga refers to Seres as “perfection”. Could he view the Sages to be divine-like beings? Who could “Her Grace” possibly be? Certainly not Hilda. Could it be how he refers to Ganon, as a god-like entity, similar to how Zant spoke of Ganon? The female pronoun makes it seemingly unlikely though. There are so many questions raised from just this one scene. Also, something else of note: Yuga has the Hylian Crest on his chest, but the Triforce symbol is inverted.

While this video is short, it has some really nice clues about the plot that I wish I could piece together. Yuga is shaping up to be an interesting villain, although he may be a tad too similar to Ghirahim in his mannerisms.

Source: The Bit Block
Via: GoNintendo