Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen appeared on the latest episode of GT. TV to preview Nintendo’s 2013 holiday lineup, showing off a brand new dungeon from A Link Between Worlds in the process. He also talked a bit about the upgrade system in the game. Hit after the jump to learn about latest dungeon reveal, as well as what other information he had to divulge! Spoilers beware: there is no turning back.

  • The newest dungeon unveiled is the Ice Ruins, which Trinen describes as one of the “most impressive levels in the game”.
  • The dungeon comprises of a central tower with elevators that move from top to bottom, and Link must navigate the dungeon by using these elevators to move up and down the level.
  • The dungeon showcases the vertical aspect of the 3D visuals, taking a simple concept and making it into a very impressive gameplay element.
  • The Fire Rod is featured prominently in the Ice Ruins.
  • Trinen implies that items can be upgraded more than once, and with each subsequent upgrade the item becomes more powerful.
  • The Fire Rod is one of Trinen’s favorite items.
  • The more the Fire Rod is upgraded, the more of a “fire-like tornado” it produces, mowing down enemies in the process.

The Ice Ruins have me more excited than any other dungeon unveiled thus far! The Ice Palace from A Link to the Past was my favorite dungeon in the game, albeit one of the most difficult ones, and had a wonderful vertical aspect to it that would really suit A Link Between Worlds. The Ice Ruins seems to be the spiritual successor to to its A Link to the Past counterpart, if not the literal “ruins” of the Ice Palace itself.

With this new reveal, we now know of seven proper dungeons in the game already: the Eastern Palace, the House of Gales, the Tower of Hera, the Palace of Darkness, Thieves Den, Turtle Rock, and the Ice Ruins. There are at least three more, as only four of those dungeons take place in Lorule, and there are seven Lorule dungeons. This doesn’t even take into account the optional dungeons in the game.

You can view the GT. TV episode in its entirety here.

Source: GT. TV
Via: Nintendo Everything