Copies of A Link Between Worlds are already circulating throughout the media, and that means more footage will be released as we inch closer to the game’s November 22nd release date. Both GameXplain and The Bit Block have released brand new never before seen gameplay footage, and Nintendo Everything has posted some brand new screenshots! Hit after the jump to view the screenshots and the videos. Enter at your own risk, as these could be regarded as spoilers.

The gameplay footage is from very early on in the game and is incredibly nostalgic to any veteran who has played A Link to the Past. It consists of gameplay from the sewers beneath the Sanctuary, footage from just outside the Eastern Palace, and gameplay footage from within the Eastern Palace itself.  The music comprises mostly of re-arrangements from the original Super Nintendo title.

Update: GameXplain has posted a new video of the never before seen House of Gales, showcasing the use of the Tornado Rod for the first time ever!

Sanctuary Sewers

Eastern Hyrule

Eastern Palace

House of Gales









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Via: Nintendo Everything