Nintendo World Report recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with A Link Between Worlds, playing through one of Lorule’s seven dungeons. As this post contains spoilers, hit after the jump to learn more about this new dungeon, along with several other details about the game!

  • You must free the Seven Sages who are now trapped in paintings in Lorule’s seven dungeons.
  • When first entering Lorule, Princess Hilda saves you. Going forward though, she communicates with you telepathically, probably like Sahasrahla does in A Link to the Past.
  • Up to the point Nintendo World Report played, you cannot travel freely between Lorule and Hyrule. Lorule is segmented physically, so the only way to access certain areas is to travel through cracks in reality that exist in both worlds.
  • These cracks in reality are marked on your map as you find them.
  • Nintendo World Report spent time in The Dark Palace, which many will remember from A Link to the Past.
  • Before you can even enter the palace, you have to pass through three levels of security. Stealth is essential by way of turning into drawing form and hiding in vines, and if you are caught by the guards, you get thrown into jail.
  • The Dark Palace takes advantage of the game’s impressive lighting effects and as its namesake suggests, it is light-impaired.
  • Use of the Lamp in this dungeon is essential.
  • Light will cause floors and walls to disappear, making the dungeon incredibly difficult to navigate.
  • You can only advance by finding hidden cracks to squeeze through.
  • Bombs are used once again to set off switches, and sometimes you will have to throw Bombs up on a ledge in order to reach a switch.
  • Familiar enemies return in this dungeon, such as the Goriyas.
  • The boss of The Dark Palace is the Helmasaur King.
  • Two items can be equipped at any time by way of the X and Y buttons.
  • Use of the L button allows you to run.

A lot of these details have me incredibly excited, yet fill me with so many questions! Who does Hilda save Link from in their initial encounter? Is The Dark Palace located in the same place as it is in A Link to the Past?  Are these Seven Sages descendants from the sages in Ocarina of Time, or from the maidens in A Link to the Past? And while some may be frustrated with the use of old bosses in A Link Between Worlds, the Helmasaur King is a classic and I am very happy to see his return!

With each new piece of information bringing us closer to the release date of A Link Between Worlds, it should be here in no time!

Source: Nintendo World Report
Via: GoNintendo