The folks at GameXplain pay a visit to Ravio’s shop in their recent A Link Between Worlds gameplay video. Be warned, spoilers ahead after the jump.

Renting equipment costs between 50 and 100 Rupees, while purchasing will put you back a few hundred, with the Ice and Fire Rods being the most expensive. You’re not limited to renting just one item. You can rent out every item in the shop assuming the funds exist for doing so. Speaking of, Link’s wallet can hold over a thousand Rupees.

During this trip to Ravio’s shop, we see that the Sand Rod is currently being rented out by someone else. That individual’s identity is unknown, as Ravio states:

“Someone is already renting the Sand Rod. He rented it when I was in the village seeing if that was a good place to set up my shop. He was in such a rush that I didn’t get his name. Said he had important business somewhere.”

If you die while carrying rental equipment, Ravio’s fairy assistant comes by and flies everything back to the shop. I’m curious to see how this will affect exploring the dungeons. Imagine getting ready to deliver the final blow in a boss battle only to get killed and wake up back in Ravio’s shop, having to rent everything all over again.

You can check out the gameplay video below!

Source: GameXplain
Via: GoNintendo