GameXplain recently had the opportunity to visit Nintendo’s San Francisco offices and spend 45 minutes playing A Link Between Worlds. While their time with the game was brief, they were able to cover quite a bit of information from the game and were able to reveal some very interesting new details. Hit after the jump to see what GameXplain had to say about A Link Between Worlds, including a gameplay video with their full summary. And as always, spoilers beware!

  • The game is more Rupee-focused than any other Zelda title.
  • Buying items costs hundreds of Rupees, while renting costs a few dozen per item.
  • When you die, all your rented items are returned to Ravio’s shop.
  • Only bought items can be upgraded.
  • Upgraded Ice Rod fires three beams of ice in different directions.
  • There are seven main temples in Lorule.
  • Turtle Rock is no longer on Death Mountain, but on a lake to the south-east.
  • To enter the temple, you first have to find three baby turtles and return them to their mother.
  • Ice Rod is required for Turtle Rock, as it has a heavy lava-based theme.
  • Design of the temple is less linear than those of most recent games and exploration is more prevalent.
  • While similar to A Link to the Past, the game still does a lot of new things to distinguish itself.
  • 3D effect helps multiple layers stand out even more and is highly emphasized.
  • 3D effect is “very cool and very well done“.
  • There are now mini-temples that you can explore in order to to harvest Rupees.
  • Lorule’s Death Mountain is now stuck in a perpetual winter state.

Source: GameXplain
Via: GoNintendo