Hey readers! Looking over our home page, you may have noticed something odd: there are absolutely no comments here, despite us having a highly active community. ZU has recently been overcome with waves of spam, and unfortunately the only solution at the time being is for us to turn comments off. You can still technically submit comments for approval, however we’d advise you not to. With human comments becoming increasingly lost in the mess, there is no guarantee that we can get around to approving them. Also, please note that some comments made by IntenseDebate users (myself and other staff included) have been edited, with the original comment replaced with spam. If the user and discussion appears reliable, think twice before reporting and down-voting them. The ones to watch out for are ones with suspicious/harmful links attached to their name.

We are working hard to resolve the issue, and preparing a better defence for similar ordeals in the future. You can still have your voice heard though; head over to our News/Article Forum to join in with the discussion as you normally would, where you’ll find separate threads for each news post. Thank you for your patience!

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