Nintendo has released yet another video of A Link Between Worlds, this time featuring some of the music from the upcoming installment in the Zelda series. The first piece featured is Hilda’s Theme. Tragic yet beautiful, it describes the character perfectly without having to utter a word. Ravio’s theme on the other hand is the complete opposite.  It’s a rather catchy tune and very upbeat and playful, which complements the character nicely from what we know of him thus far. The final theme that is revealed is Yuga’s theme. It feels somewhat lacking. Although it is a catchy tune, I don’t feel it’s a strong enough melody for a major villain. I am curious if Nintendo is holding back the full theme though. It is hinted in the video that these themes can be listened to in-game at what seems to be someone’s home, with a woman playing what appears to be a banjo and a young boy playing a flute. So there is a possibility that these aren’t the fleshed-out versions. 

The video also gives us a glimpse of some cutscenes and gameplay footage from A Link Between Worlds!  Majora’s Mask is visibly shown in Ravio’s shop, and Hilda seems to be holding off some kind of beast – possibly Ganon? The best gameplay footage in the video comes in the form of the game’s first boss battle with Yuga in the Eastern Palace! Yuga avoids attacks by merging with walls, and Link has to hit him with the Bow to render him defenseless.

Although these were only small snippets from the game in the form of both in-game footage and musical themes, it only leaves me wanting more! Thankfully, the game’s release is almost upon us.

And without further adieu, here is the video!

Source: YouTube