Super Smash Bros - Spin Attacks

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen our Hylian heroes show off their deadly spin attacks, with last month’s screenshot showing the two attack their foe together from both sides. However, while that attack was an aerial affair, a recent Super Smash Bros. Wii U screenshot from director Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse shows Link and Toon Link display the move on the ground.

The spin attack move should be familiar to players of the previous Smash instalments, which sees Link swing wildly to attack from both sides. Side by side, you can see that the colours of the sword motions are quite different, with Toon Link’s providing the light green hue as in Wind Waker, and Link’s sword displaying a wave of blue and gold. Also, for those who may not know, the stage they are standing in is based on Metroid: Other M, and known as the Pyrosphere.

Source: Miiverse