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In many recent Zelda games, there are tons and tons of rupees scattered across the world. Whether they are hidden in chests or gained from defeating enemies, rupees are a huge part of Zelda. But have you noticed how you often accumulate vast amounts of rupees, but then have nothing worthwhile to spend them on? Aonuma hopes to change that. In a recent Shacknews interview, Aonuma talked about the challenge in making rupees meaningful in the upcoming A Link Between Worlds, as well as giving details on how the rental system works within the game.  Hit the jump for the full scoop.

In the interview, Aonuma spoke in detail on how the new approach regarding rupees came about:

“Collecting rupees have always been a big part of Zelda games. But there was always a point in Zelda games where even if you collect rupees, there wasn’t that much left to do with them. Making a game where there was a reason to continue collecting rupees was a big challenge for us on this game. One idea there was to make you purchase all your items, and obviously that would give you a reason to collect rupees.”

“But, that would make it very difficult to get items in the beginning. So, we made a rental service so that you could pay less money and rent items. The downside there is that if you have items that are rented, if you Game Over, you lose them all. We wanted people to feel like they want to save up their rupees and buy all these items and buy them forever.”

Rupees are shaping up to play a huge role in A Link Between Worlds, as an important portion of the game involves buying or renting items from the item shop. Speaking of the rental system, Aonuma discussed how the initial idea for renting items came about. In his statement, he also countered the notion that this system was inspired from free-to-play games:

“The idea of the rental system actually came from my own experience by getting into a hobby by first renting something and then deciding to actually buy something. But I can totally see how that kind of system would be a good business model, and I think that character in the game is a great businessman.”

The opportunity to utilize rupees more often in A Link Between Worlds is a welcome addition to the series. It will be interesting to see how this ties into the gameplay and the player’s decision making; what are the consequences of renting an item rather than buying it? Will the the player eventually accumulate so many rupees that it won’t even matter? That remains to be seen.

Source: Shacknews
Via: Nintendo Everything
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