Eiji Aonuma spoke at New York Comic Con where he gave us more details on Princess Hilda. During the talk, he also discussed the importance of keeping up with the times. “I think things that don’t change with the times are going to get lost. They’re going to be forgotten. As times change, people want different things,” he said. Instead of shunning change, Aonuma embraces it, as it creates new opportunities. He also has plans for the next installment:

“…the main place where I’m hoping to change a lot of things and show a lot of new ideas is in this next console Zelda. In the process of coming up with them, some of those ideas wound up in A Link Between Worlds. But my focus in changing things is going to be in this new console Zelda.”

When Ocarina of Time was released, it was totally different from the earlier installments, and proved to be a huge success. The Wind Waker is another example with its cel-shaded graphics. So while the idea of making changes on such a well loved series can be unnerving, the next installment is bound to be just as much fun as the rest. After all, old school games were new once, too!

Source: Kotaku
Via: Nintendo Everything