Eiji Aonuma spoke at New York Comic Con where he gave us more details on Princess Hilda. During the talk, he also discussed the importance of keeping up with the times. “I think things that don’t change with the times are going to get lost. They’re going to be forgotten. As times change, people want different things,” he said. Instead of shunning change, Aonuma embraces it, as it creates new opportunities. He also has plans for the next installment:

“…the main place where I’m hoping to change a lot of things and show a lot of new ideas is in this next console Zelda. In the process of coming up with them, some of those ideas wound up in A Link Between Worlds. But my focus in changing things is going to be in this new console Zelda.”

When Ocarina of Time was released, it was totally different from the earlier installments, and proved to be a huge success. The Wind Waker is another example with its cel-shaded graphics. So while the idea of making changes on such a well loved series can be unnerving, the next installment is bound to be just as much fun as the rest. After all, old school games were new once, too!

Source: Kotaku
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  • wandersage

    I am totally up for something very new.

  • Youssif

    Can't tell if I should be excited or worried.

    • Nonelse

      I choose worried.

      • wandersage

        I'd be way more worried if they tried to do the same thing every time. I'll take a bad game every once in a while if it means they're always trying to evolve.

        • Ryano

          See, I would rather never have a bad game, even if that means the series stays on a similar path all the time.

          Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Elder Scrolls, Mario Kart….all these series (and more) stay the same and are very successful. Sure they get better with each new addition and there are always new ideas being brought to life, but nothing that drops conventions flat on their head and ends up alienating some of the fan base.

          I agree with Nonelse, I don't know yet whether I should be excited or worried. As of right now I'm cautiously optimistic about ALBW, but I have no idea what to think in regards to Zelda U.

          • Vonter

            Megaman is another example of a perfect formula that charms time and time again. However it's admirable trying to do new things, although many series this gen have fallen from grace due to changing too much (Resident Evil, Castlevania, Banjo Kazooie, and the worst Bomberman).

          • wandersage

            The two best zelda games in my opinion were MM and OOT, both of which were drastically different games from anything that had come before them. OOT of course was involving the new graphics a very different story telling method, and MM had the incredible mask mechanics (including the best underwater swiming mechanics of any zelda game ever) and the strange idea of the limited time line. At this point new graphics though isn't as interesting, we aren't going to be as excited to see the new WiiU graphics for zelda as we were the first time we saw an OOT screen shot, so for me I need new and interesting elements added to the core of the game.

            and I'm not talking like SS where it was a limited running ability or the wiimote plus or something, I want some interesting new game play that is directly linked to the story, like the moon falling or the masks in MM. Just doing something as simple as running through the dungeons in the same order we know, to save the same princess we always save, it's fun but I want new ideas otherwise it will start getting boring. if I wanted the same game again I'd play my old favorites over and over (which I do)

          • UnknownGamer

            Yeah, I'm agreeing with the things you said about the graphics. It just isn't the same with new graphics. I don't think any of the new graphics should be worked on because it's not going to be a surprise or a great addition, it's just like any other new day game graphics.

            But for the gameplay, I'm thinking it should hold off. The story line really does need to connect more with the whole timeline and all. SS just didn't fit it in my opinion. SS just didn't give the "Zelda feel" to it. I mean, even TP gave it sort of. You have Link, you have Epona, you have a helper. Little things like that gave it the knowledge that it was still a Zelda game. But limited running? Living in the sky? Riding a bird to the fields? All of this new stuff makes me kind of worry about what they would add to the new game. Yeah, new additions are great so the games aren't constantly the exact same, but I feel SS was a bit too much in addition that it made the game a bit too non-Zelda like. For the new game, I really think that everything should be more like Zelda and less like any new game. More focused on how the series was with new additions and maybe take away some of the ones that were added in SS should be taken away. and be replaced with something old to make the game more like the rest of the series.

          • wandersage

            yeah I agree that the "innovations" SS tried to bring to the picture weren't the revolution the game designers wanted it to be. I think the zelda developers were forced to use the Wii Plus controller in as many ways as possible because zelda is a flagship of nintendo and they were trying to prove that their new system had validity. But the innovations should be based on story. SS was fine but it wasn't the creative experience that zelda ought to be. I really hope they let the game be the game in the new console, while experimenting and developing in the way they used to when they weren't trying to use gimmicks.

  • Why are you worried? I choose excited.

  • Me too. I choose worried

  • Vladislak

    All this talk about change is making me nervous, and I'm not sure whether it's a good nervous or not.

    I'm definitely not opposed to trying new things, just make sure it's still Zelda Mr. Aonuma, if we see a trailer and don't even realize it's for a Zelda game then I'm going to be worried.

  • Alex

    Well, a few things should be considered when making the new Zelda game.
    But Aonuma needs to think about what a Zelda game is and what it isn't.

    Consider the "No true scotsman" fallacy.
    There are prerequisites for being a true scotsman, but it is used to imply that small things do not become requirements.
    For example, a game without Link isn't a proper Zelda game, but a game without rupees can be a Zelda game.
    He should create a Zelda game that still is "ZELDA" in essence, but something new. And I don't mean he should make it completely realistic or completely cartoony; he should make it so unrealistic (in regards to Earth) that it actually looks more real in a "That's what the world of Zelda is" way.

  • Ixbran


  • thao

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