A Link Between Worlds - Maiamai

At the recent New York Comic Con event, Nintendo not only revealed an exciting new trailer for A Link Between Worlds and answered fan questions, but also presented some brand new gameplay footage with commentary from Eiji Aonuma.

Thanks to Kotaku’s Chris Person, who attended the panel, he caught the footage and shared it with us. There are quite a few new details shared on the game, with a glimpse of how renting items at Ravio’s shop works, an upgrade to the bow, and most notably, creatures called Maiamais that Link must collect in order to upgrade his items. You can go watch it right here, and view a round-up of the important details in the video after the jump.

Ravio and item rentals

  • The footage starts at Ravio’s shop, and demonstrates the rental system. You can choose to rent or buy, with renting obviously being the cheaper option. (00:00)
  • The rental price for the bow is 50 rupees, but Ravio says it’s “half off if you buy it. Just this once!”, charging 400 Rupees to purchase. (00:11)
  • A rented item will be labeled with “Rental” in your inventory; for example, “Rented Bombs”. (00:36)


  • Link catches “a lost Maiamai”, with the in-game description urging him to return it to “Mother Maiamai”. (02:43)
  • The pronunciation appears to be “my-my”. (02:23)
  • The translator says “if you collect lots of them, you’ll be able to upgrade your items”. (02:58)
  • Link enters a small cave to find Mother Maiamai, a large, pink, octopus-like creature who thanks Link upon the return of her child. (04:23)
  • Link then gives her his bow to upgrade, but it seems as though there was an option to choose other items. She sucks it in and spits it back out, making the bow “more powerful” with “stronger effects”. (04:40)
  • The upgraded bow changes colour from yellow to blue. (04:54)
  • The upgraded bow shoots three arrows at once. (05:20)


  • Link travels from Hyrule to Lorule through a wall using the heiroglyoph, like in the trailer. (01:23)
  • He uses Pegasus Boots (or a similar item, at least) to charge at high speed and shred through grass. (01:57)
  • The translator notes “Lorule has a lot of monsters, but mainly it’s actually just people living there”. (02:31)
  • The music appears to change slightly when Link transforms into a hieroglyph. (02:38)
  • The game’s loading screen shows a black screen with the Triforce symbol. (00:41)
  • Link bombs a wall, which reveals one of the game’s fairy fountains. (00:54)
  • In the Fairy Fountain, Link uses a net to catch a Fairy. (01:02)
  • Link enters the Lorule version of Kakariko Village. (02:14)
  • When returning to Hyrule through another wall crack, Link ends up sneaking into someone’s house behind their closet. (03:02)
  • “Stylish Woman” notices Link trespassing but doesn’t appear to be upset about it, instead asking him what he thinks of her dress. She then blows him a kiss, which turns out to be a Piece of Heart. (03:06)
  • When Link walks out of the house, he ends up in regular Kakariko Village. (03:30)
  • You can look across and zoom in and out of the map on the bottom screen using touch controls. (04:06)
  • Link enters the green dungeon seen in the trailer. It isn’t a traditional dungeon with a boss, but a smaller-scale dungeon where you can find treasure. (06:20)
  • There is a very clever puzzle Link solves using his hieroglyph ability. He then reaches a chest containing a Silver Rupee. (06:55)
Source: Kotaku
  • Guest

    Looks like an Octorok on acid.

  • Gwydion

    I'm glad there's an option to buy the items as opposed to just renting them. I'm so excited about this game – everything I hear just gets better and better!

    • Vonter

      So does renting means you can have an item as long as you want but you have to return it if you want to pick another item. That's mainly how I see it working. You then buy it so you can start having more options at hand.

      • Zeldafan17

        Similar to that one part on Crescent Island in OoA (except in this case, throughout the entire game)

        • Vonter

          Is that good or bad? I haven't played the Oracle games (are the only Zelda games I haven't played).

        • Sahasrala!

          Yeah or maybe like the boomerang in Link's Awakening.

  • Sahasrala!

    As much as I love the Dark World theme, and as awesome as this rendition sounds, I am a little disappointed. I find the use of this theme for Lorule confusing. Why would they do that? I was expecting some awesome new theme song.

  • Sahasrala!

    The only way I will feel comfortable with Lorule using the Dark World theme song is if it is in the same situation as the Golden Land and Ganon had corrupted it.

  • Sahasrahla!

    Did you purposely just copy my comment verbatim?

    • MikeL

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    Can someone please ban this iboom jackass? It seems to be some spamming idiot copying other comments to place its hyperlinked username on the page.

  • TheGrave

    I wonder if we'll be seeing other races return like the Gorons? It looks like the Zora's are retaining their green lizard-like form from ALttP. Maybe there'll be some sort of reference as to how they got that way?

    • HeroOfTime

      Those are River Zora they're different from the ones that live at sea or the ones in OoT

  • Sakume

    I have to say that those Maimai's look suspiciously familiar to those things you had to shoot in the shooting gallery of ALTTP.

    • MikeL

      Wow, you're right. Makes you realize just how rampant animal cruelty was in Hyrule at the time of ALttP :p

  • FVMF

    Reminds me of collecting Sea Shells in Link's Awakening and the Pond of Happiness in A Link to the Past! That's a good combination!