The Zelda series is known for its complex puzzles and dungeons. After constant trial and error, you are filled with pride as you finally figure them out and become a hero. Having someone guiding you, telling you what to do and where to go takes the challenge out of the game, and the challenge is what makes it fun!

Many Zelda fans have complained that recent installments of the series are far too easy. In true Aonuma fashion, he listened to the fans.

In a recent Polygon interview, Aonuma discusses A Link Between Worlds and satisfying as many people as possible. More after the jump.

One of his strategies for tougher gameplay comes straight from its predecessor, A Link to the Past. ALBW boasts a non-linear, open world. Like ALttP, the player won’t have someone shepherding them around. “We wanted to make it a game where it would be fun to get stuck and be lost,” he said.

“I think that one thing all game developers worry about when they’re putting something into a game is, ‘Will people notice it? Will people realize what they’re supposed to do?’ And we kind of have a bad habit of hand-holding, trying to make things easier for everyone…But more and more, I start to think that that kind of isn’t actually that fun.”

What’s tricky is appealing to both the veteran gamers and the younger, less experienced ones. Aonuma and his team were therefore tasked with determining where and how often to place hints.

“There’s actually one area in the game where I fought for three days with my director over whether we should have a hint in there or not. As a result, after the end of that we actually decided to take it out, so if that part of the game is too difficult, it’s my fault…But it’s fine, it’ll be fine!”

So what are your thoughts? Do you think Zelda games need hints within the game, or would you rather figure it out on your own?

Source: Polygon
Via: Nintendo Everything