Everybody likes Fridays, even Nintendo. “Here’s something for the weekend”, their official Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page posted, along with a new piece of previously unseen artwork for the upcoming 3DS title A Link Between Worlds.


click image for full size

This piece of beautiful artwork would make for a nice poster, and fans have been very impressed with it so far. It has also caused people to speculate about the apparent villain of this game. Could he or she be a counterpart to what appears to be Impa? At this time, it’s anyone’s guess.

Source: The Legend of Zelda UK
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  • HyruleHistory10

    That is a beautiful piece of artwork. It looks like the Master Sword went back to the OOT Design instead of keeping the TP/SS design.

  • ZealofAntiquity

    Nah its Agahnim's grand daughter

  • Rupee

    New trailer too! OMG, it looks amazing!!!

    • RPH1

      I watched that trailer after I made my comment below. It looks absolutely spectacular! It's good to see the Pendants of Virtue again. (… ) I didn't think I could get more excited about ALBW. Live and learn.

  • Echon

    Oooh…Dark World development?

  • RPH1

    "This piece of beautiful artwork would make for a nice poster"

    Yes, indeed! This stuff is starting to get close to being spoiler-y, though. Zelda looks lovely, and the purple girl next to the Gerudo woman looks intriguing, and this makes Ravio (Angry Birds?) look more important. The reflection of Impa is replaced by what looks like a Lore-Master's staff with an upside-down Triforce.

  • Groat Hardstroke

    Wish this was a preorder poster…

  • Jokerman

    Nice to see him gripping the sword in his left hand again 😉 :3