Tetra and Medli Cosplay 13

Enjoyed seeing Tetra and Medli in remastered form in Wind Waker HD? Wait until you see how great they look in real life. There is a countless amount of fantastic Zelda cosplayers portraying amazing interpretations of Link. Rightly so, being the iconic hero he is–but in Link’s adventure across the Great Sea, he wouldn’t have succeeded in his quest had it not been for two very special ladies he met on his journey. Wesley Ruscher of Destructoid shot an exclusive photoshoot with cosplayer duo Amanda K and Gwenivere Elaine, who represent possibly the greatest Tetra and Medli (respectively) cosplay I’ve ever seen. Read on for the full gallery!

Amanda made both of the costumes, and what an astounding job she did. Her Tetra costume replicates every possible detail from the character’s in-game appearance, with the hairstyle, long ears, pirate knife and outfit. Head over to her Facebook page and you’ll see that she even used contact lenses for Tetra’s blue eyes (visible in some of the images below if you look closely) and crafted her own Pirate Charms, too!

Gwenivere pulls off a convincing Medli with similar excellence, with her beak, hair and red eyes simply stunning and her clothing commendably accurate. She too has a Facebook page where you can follow her work and see additional photos on the preparations of the shoot. Together the pair look adorable, and the location is perfect considering the sea theme of the game. Wesley’s photography completes it all, with great angles and beautiful beach scenery.

It’s so good to see them cosplay some of the series’ unsung heroines, instead of going for the popular option of dressing as staple characters in the franchise. It’s also cool just to see Tetra and Medli chilling together–even mischievous pirates can get along with the peaceful Rito tribe!

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 3

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 5

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 4

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 10

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 12

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 15

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 2

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 7

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 8

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 11

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 14

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 1

Tetra and Medli Cosplay 6

Sources: Destructoid, Amanda KGwenivere Elaine
  • Chris

    Damn! More like Titra!

    • Chris

      Lol I thought that commented would have me universally hated

  • The D


    • Reece

      You do realise that women CAN be within a close proximity with each other without there being any romance, sexual implication or objectification involved, right?

      • Chris


  • Canyarion

    The girl playing Medli doesn't look like her at all! Medli always smiles, this one only looks angry. Possibly trying to look sexy… well, it doesn't work.

  • Vladislak

    I'll admit they look cute and the outfits themselves are well done. I'm just not really a big fan of cosplay. To each his/her own.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    Eh, the Medli isn't that great. I don't like the casual wear boots, they don't really look anything like the game… Also the beak is off, and she doesn't have a harp or anything. The tetra is okay I guess. I cosplay myself, so I guess I'm a little critical.

    • Fishman

      Yeah, what happened to her harp?

  • Quagmire

    Haha All right…


  • Kaiserverus

    By the Goddesses Kristen Stewart is that you???

  • cool girls, if not their noses feeee

  • Give me tetra NOW

  • Ruizu

    This is why I love cosplay. It's just awesome. I myself cosplay as Tetra but this is better than mine, by a lot.

  • Lol

    Tetra make out with me plz!

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