A photo on the Wii product page over at Nintendo’s Japanese website has the words “manufacturing is scheduled to end soon” written in Japanese directly next to an image of the console. The Wii has had a long and successful run since its release in 2006, and went on to become the most successful home console in Nintendo’s 125-year history. Lifetime sales of the Wii have surpassed 100 million units, joining an elite club of only three consoles that have sold at that volume. (The other two are the Playstation and Playstation 2.)

It is unclear whether or not Nintendo is ending production of the Wii in order to divert attention to the Wii U. Personally, I see many years of enjoyment left in my Wii. I think ending production now seems a little premature, especially since the game library for the Wii U is still fairly limited. Do you think Nintendo should continue to produce the Wii, or do you think now is a good time for the Wii to retire for good?

Source: CVG
Via:  Game Informer
  • pruzzy

    That's sad D: I don't want it to end…. What if my wii breaks and I can't get a new one?

    • Chris

      Wii U is 100% backwards compatable

      • Soeroah

        And this is a wonderful example of why backwards compatibility is a GOOD thing.

    • Cuber456

      "Lifetime sales of the Wii have surpassed 100 million units…"

      That's what the article says. If you can't find 1 console in 100 Million then you aren't searching right. Or you could just get a Wii U but if you are only interested in playing Wii games then the former option would be cheaper.

  • Trance

    I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find another one for cheap. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • Trance

    I think it's a good idea to stop making the system. They need to promote the Wii U more.
    If anything, Wii systems will still be all over the place, just like past systems.

  • ZeldaObsessed

    The Wii U is not that different from the Wii, and what differences are there are solid improvements over the original. You use the same controllers and the same games (except for GameCube stuff), so anyone concerned about lack of games should really just consider Wii games part of the Wii U's library. Anyone concerned about their Wii breaking should probably get a Wii U sooner than later and look into the very simple System Transfer Tool and "Wii Mode" on Wii U. The Wii U is honestly what the Wii should have been when it first came out. It's not the "next gen" system that will compete with PS4 and XB1. But Miiverse and HD graphics make the new console worth it for anyone with high speed Internet and a big screen HDTV. And, yes, there actually are a good handful of very worthwhile Wii U games already out that will last you until the next batch comes out.

    • Gerudude

      Hmm. I'm switching to ps4 Just for mentioning, the Wii-U sales numbers are very poorly.
      Sony has alreaddy over a 100 games ready for the ps4, and it hasn't even been released yet.
      Nintendo is always one step behind, always the same old stuff, Mario, Jetman, Icarus, and just every 4 or 5 years a Zelda. -.- .

      • RPH1

        1st off, who the heck is Jetman? 2nd, there has been one new Kid Icarus game in the last 20 years. 3rd, everything on the ps4 controller is a copy of previous Nintendo controllers, like a touch screen and a way to post screen shots to social media, going all the way back to the SNES set up. Sony is so arrogant that I don't get why anyone besides longhorn fans would be loyal to them. But, your screen name is a play on the name of a band of thieves and evil people, so maybe you aren't nice.

        • Gerudude

          Jetman….as in Solar Jetman??? Wasn't that the name of that nes game they reproduced a couple of times for several consoles.
          Furthermore. I am a former Nintendo fan. So I'm just trolling a bit here.
          I've played almost every zelda except for those on the handhelds) many a times.
          But I simply grew over it…
          PS games are a bit more mature since most of them rate 16 or 18+ which is a good thing. So I switched systems. Every once and a while I pass by here to check info and troll around hahaha.
          And I am a nice guy since I am or was part of Dinn clan. The nicest people around.

  • Darkstar

    Melena, the Wii came out in 2006, not 2004, just a minor error. Also, used Wiis can be found across Kijiji and Craig's list websites for very cheap (under $100), so even if Nintendo stops making them, they will always be available at used stores or online like every other past console. It's a good idea to stop production soon since that will give more attention to the Wii U and its backwards compatibility.

    I found a used/newish Wii U basic set on Kijiji for $200 that I might buy when I find a game for a decent price too. I will defonately buy a Wii U before the end of the year.

  • Philip Akkerman

    They didn't say anything about the Wii Mini! ahahaha

  • Zelda Paradox

    *salutes Wii in room*
    My friend, we have explored places in ways no one can experience…….
    We have gone high and low in Hyrule, relived several GameCube games, and used your internet capabilities to play with friends all over the world.
    Good Bye old friend, you had an extraordinary run.
    May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.
    *at ease*

    • Mickii

      I couldn't have said it any better. //claps/

      Wii will live on through the Wii U. Everything has to end sometime, but nonetheless, we'll always remember the Wii, and the amazing games, gameplay, and overall, the good times it brought us. -v-

  • Nonelse

    Didn't buy a Wii, or a Wii U most days I would rather play Super Nintendo, Genesis or N64 era game.

    • Zelda Paradox

      U old school, bro.