Here’s another little thing we noticed in the recent Nintendo Direct, wherein Nintendo showcased new footage for A Link Between Worlds. With all the news about the item shop and non-linear dungeon progression, there is one small detail that may have gone unnoticed by some people. In a screenshot taken from the Nintendo Direct, there is an actual Majora’s Mask hanging on the wall to the right of the item shop entrance. It’s a pretty cool and interesting detail added in by Nintendo. Is it an Easter egg, or is it a hint at a possible Majora’s Mask remake? Only time will tell. Regardless, this homage to Majora’s Mask is an interesting and colorful detail in the game.

Source: Nintendo Direct
Via: GenGame [1], Feri’s Art Blog [2]
  • Dovahhkiin64

    Oh boy!!! Maybe it's a hint that another zelda game may take place in termina?

  • Guest

    Oh wow, easter egg or not, that's a pretty big deal! That's like having Excalibur or the Holy Grail just collecting dust on your wall. It's freaking Majora's Mask, bro!

    I wonder if ol' Ravio has any idea what he's messing with. Or maybe this is just proof the mask is just a harmless old artifact and that the events of MM really were just a trippy, nightmare sequence.

    • Guest

      Problem: Link Between Worlds takes place in the downfall timeline, meaning Link never defeated Majora and destroyed the Mask's power. This leads to the possiblity that 1) Ravio took the mask from The Happy Mask Salesman, 2) Found the mask himself, or 3) is a member of the ancient tribe who created Majora's Mask and later sealed it away!

      • DarkLink1996

        Or is a descendant of the Mask Salesman.

        • XCuber2

          Or Nintendo likes easter eggs.

  • Nek0

    Possible remake or a sequel of Majora's Mask… Please Nintendo, make it happen!

    • RPH1


  • craZ

    As long as it isn't Majora's Mask 2: Revenge of Majora or something like that coming for Wii U (the new Zelda game). I imagine just an easter egg, but it could be MM3D. I sure hope so. All I can think of that relates is the easter egg SS posters in OOT3D. That's all I can think of, though,

  • RPH1

    I think that is a little creepy that he has it on his wall. I would seal it in concrete and throw it in Lake Hylia.

    P.S. Look at bing.com. The picture of the day looks a lot like the site of the final battle from Skyward Sword. :-O

    • Zack

      Yeah, it does!

  • DarK

    Wow, just when I was thinking Ravio is suspiciously reminiscent of the Happy Mask Salesman overall, and now this…

  • Mickii

    xDDDD You guys might be over thinking this. It could also be just and easter egg, and have nothing to do with the chronology!

    Either that, or Nintendo is just trolling us, like lol u guys want Majoras Mask in 3D? Thar ya go! Lololololol

  • Bolero of Fire

    I have a feeling Nintendo is going to say

    "Well you guys said you wanted Majora's Mask on the 3DS. There you have it,"

  • O>O

    Omg, it's so obvious, I don't know why I didn't see it before… Half-Life 3 confirmed…

  • Sanguiluna

    Little FYI: Out of the three known timelines/universes, the Mask was only destroyed in the CT; that means that somewhere in the multiverse, there are at least two other Majora Masks, perfectly intact and waiting for their next victims…

    … Should I not have done that?

  • lostmind123

    its funny that both ravio and the happy mask salesman are associated with bunnies. for example the shop in the market, and ravio's shop and clothing.

  • Robert

    I hope it's a hint for Majora's Mask 3D.

  • Sdudyoy

    I guess in this timeline the Skullkid never got a hold of the mask, and the creepy happy mask sales man managed to keep his creepy hands on it to give it to his creepy bunny hat wearing creepy descendent.