It is quite humorous at this point to notice this fact. Indeed, the digital version of the Zelda history book, Hyrule Historia, still has the medallion mix up in it. Definitely not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but it is kind of hilarious when you remember that this mistake went unnoticed in the initial Japanese version as well as the later released North American version. I suppose that Nabooru and Darunia will have to be content with their switched up medallions.

Source: GoNintendo
  • Hoocher

    This isn't news. How about the fact that WWHD is a flop in Japan?

    • MikeL

      On the flip-side, the performance of WWHD in Japan isn't relevant news on a site whos target audience is North America and to a lesser extent Europe. Btw, the original WW was kind of a flop in Japan as well while becoming a success in the other markets.

      • Hooch

        No, WW in Japan sold 9/10ths of what it did in Europe, that didn't make it a flop in Japan while a success in other markets. Nintendo has been advertising its WW remake -that fans didn't actually ask for(unlike oot and mm)- as a "console seller", now it's a flop. That's news.

        • TheGrave

          Ever since WWHD was released, the Wii U has been selling a lot more in the U.S. I've been to at least a couple of stores where they are sold out (and previously, they were just sitting there collecting dust). So apparently it's doing something. Take your trolling elsewhere.

          • Hooch

            I'm sure the console's price cut had nothing to do with that…

  • Nick


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  • NicktheHero1

    There was a thread in the forums about this. I noticed this even before that thread was posted. But it is pretty funny. You can tell that they printed it this way because they looked at it in color-coding mindset.

  • guest

    This wasn't the only error in the book–one of the screenshots in the FSA section of the timeline was upside down, and concept art for one of the "Ordon villagers" (I can't recall exactly which one, it was one of the men though) was actually the concept art for Impaz, and is identical to the concept art in Impaz's section. Just saying.

  • ViX