In addition to all of the news posted today from the Nintendo Direct this morning, we have also gotten our hands on some new artwork from A Link Between Worlds. The content ranges from pictures portraying items, to artwork that looks like it might serve the same purpose as the stained glass in The Wind Waker. Read on to check it out!










Source: Nintendo Everything
Via: Unique Legend
  • Shadowlink55

    Looks Awesome!!!

  • That young whipper snapper looks like our protagonist as a younger kid.

    • Casey

      Even potentially more important, is this the first time we see Link's mother and father? We've had uncles, grandpas and grandmas before, but will they remain a part of the story or will they die, thus spurring on a new motive of why Link is fighting in the first place. Could be interesting to see! But I would say the same thing, but who knows, maybe it is a younger sister?

      • TheGrave

        I'm calling Link's brother, but the two adults are probably their aunt and uncle or just completely random characters. I just can't see them giving Link parents since he's basically gone "parent-less" throughout the series.

      • meeeeeeeee

        I bet they are just common villagers. The kid resembles the flute boy from ALTTP.

        • heroofmask

          except this takes place centuries after alttp so the flut boy is long from dead

  • Zeldanime staff

    Ghirahim meets Ganondorf?

  • Casey

    Brother. :p Got windwaker in my head with the sister. whoops

  • Amanda

    I'm totally calling Ganondorf's twin "Ganon-Girl."

  • Rokket

    Is she a femal version of Ganondorf ?! like from the other world

    • Rikki

      I'm pretty certian that's a male. It looks like a younger Ganondorf. A see a bit Ghirahim in him too though. Nintendo seems to be ging for more effeminate male antagonists lately. Not taht's that's bad. Merely interesting. I wonder if it's due to a cultural change.

      • Samuel

        with the upsidedown triforce, i'm thinking that it's an alternate ganondorf.

  • Colton

    Prett certain that is Twinrova with a revamped design. You know? Ganondorf's surrogate mother. Oot, MM, and the oracle games.

    • I definitely thought of Twinrova when I saw it, too. But I don't think it's a female.

      Also if it were Twinrova, they'd show both witches separately, as their combined form is always the final boss.

  • Kevin

    Is this going to be the continuation of A Link to the Past? I am super confused lol

    • smcrzgi

      sort of. its hundreds of years after a link to the past

  • Art1st4786

    That wizard with the colorful staff reminds me a bit of Ghirahim with his facial expression, skin tone, and earrings.

    Funny explanation: If Ganondorf and Ghirahim got really drunk one night, this is the outcome.

    • SpaGheTTi

      If Ganondorf and Ghirahim got really drunk one night, they would still both be male, and you need to pay more attention in any sort of biology class lol.

      • jack

        also one of them is…y'know. a sword.

  • norebo

    why are there seven maidens/wise ones AND Zelda?!
    Shouldn't she be one of the 7?

    • Zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess, Hylia.

      • Monaster

        In the original Link to the Past game, Zelda was one of the seven maidens, who were the descendants of the seven wise men. So if the game is going with the LttP lore, than norebo would technically be correct.

  • Echon

    The 'historical' drawings are gorgeous. The character artwork is also great and I wonder if the picture of Link's family is mom/dad/brother, mom/dad/youngLink, aunt/uncle/brother, or aunt/uncle/youngLink. Link looks a lot like the woman, but I suppose I could add the possiblity of adoptive-parents/brother, adoptive-parents/youngLink.

    The…erm…character with the staff and clown pants reminds of Agahnim a little, so I wonder if he'll have a similar role to Agahnim or maybe Cole in ST?

    …I think he stole Ghirahim's makeup…. 0.o …or the Joker's….

    Okay, the wizard dude scares me…by a lot.

  • Zack

    The picture with the maidens has two Triforces. Maybe the inverted triforce was born from the event pictured?

  • Dovahhkiin64

    Possibly a female antagonist? Interesting. Hopefully she turns into a massive dragon or something.

  • heroofmask

    that isnt twinrova she has red and blue hair to symbolize fire and ice considering the inverted triforce shes either a female ganon or a new type of villian all together im thinking this dark world is the dark realm talked about in the oracle games remember after alttp the dark realm slowly turned back into the light realm after centuries its prob back to light world so im thinking is the dark realm twinrova went to to get onox and veran