Welcome to another The Wind Waker edition of Music Monday! We have explored a wide selection of music from the game, and today we continue that with two themes concerning people. The digital release is already out, so we hope many fans are currently enjoying this amazing experience! Hit the jump to hear our selections!

Amanda’s pick

The characters from The Wind Waker are all so lovable, and their musical themes really help establish an emotional connection. Alisa Hight (ellebirdy23)‘s arrangement of Laruto’s Lament uses Latin lyrics and beautiful harmonies to create a haunting, yet peaceful sound.

Mark’s pick

Let’s face it, it there is one track from The Wind Waker that will make you bawl your eyes out, it has to be this one. Grandma’s Theme is very simple, yet very touching at the same time. Youtuber thomandy‘s rendition of it on the piano is spot on. Sit back, relax, and grab a tissue if need be.

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