Wind Waker HD European File Size

A couple of weeks ago, the official Japanese product information page for The Wind Waker HD on Nintendo’s website revealed that the file size will be 2.6GB. For whatever reason, Europe’s digital file size for the digital eShop reason is significantly smaller at 1.75GB, or more specifically, 1794MB. That’s close to a whole gigabyte less!

The was confirmed through a tweet by NiNTENDOMiNATiON, who captured the above image of the game downloading to the Wii U. This is a surprisingly small download, which is good news for digital adopters of the game who just can’t wait to install and play it. It’ll be interesting to see what North America’s file size will be. Though there is a possibility that this is actually a compressed download size, and when downloaded the install size becomes the aforementioned 2.6GB regardless of the territory.

Source: NiNTENDOMiNATiON on Twitter
Via: GoNintendo
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