Adventure Time, with the exception of Regular Show, is the greatest modern cartoon available on TV right now. It sees a young boy (Finn the Human) and his trustworthy companion (Jake the Dog) going on bizarre adventures and fighting evil, in a land governed by a wise and kind princess (Princess Bubblegum). Does that concept sound familiar? The show shows many influences and references to the Zelda series, with creator Pendleton Ward previously stating that the Adventure Time 3DS game was inspired by Zelda II.

With this in mind, it’s not hard to see why there is a ton of great fan art dedicated to the crossover of these two franchises, and this collaborative piece by Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez is among the greatest out there. The duo have dressed up all of the major Adventure Time characters as the cast of Ocarina of Time, and the role-swap here is both hilarious and genius. Fans of the show will notice recurring characters, such as Ice King as Ganondorf, BMO as Navi, Fionna as Sheik, Ricardio as Majora’s Mask and Lemongrab as Tingle.

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, there’s no denying that the style, colour and imagination in this art is astounding.

  • Mickii

    I dont like Adventure Time, and it always annoys me to see crossovers of said cartoon and Zelda. Bring on the flames and dislikes xD

    • heroofmask

      i can understand not a fan myself its still bettert then chowder and flapjack tho

  • Mickii

    Though I will admit this piece of art is very well done -v-

  • Nintendo fan 4ever

    majora's mask not ocarina of time :/

  • nintendo fan 4ever

    Except for Ganondorf and Sheik.

  • Doc

    Why is it supposed to be Ocarina when it includes elements from Majora's Mask

    I get that it's the sequel, but come on

  • Konyuna


    Because Ocarina of Adventure Time is a play of the names of OoT and the Actual show's name.

    • Reece

      Exactly! Also, I should point out to everyone that "Ocarina of Adventure Time" is the name of the piece given by the artists themselves, as Fanart Fridays always include in the headline.

  • Flin

    What's this **** Zelda is sacred.

    • Reece

      What does that even mean? If a series is so highly regarded there shouldn't be fan art of it? It should be the opposite, my friend.

  • nintendo fan 4ever

    The Majora's mask is even scarier than the normal one 8(

  • sebadragonfist

    regular show is better than adventure time